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UX researcher & designer  | learning scientist | acrobat
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University HCII

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Telling the stories of science

I've shared my work with audiences that include academics, pediatricians, girl scout troops, in-service teachers, and policy makers. This includes the  World Economic Forum (2016, 2017), The Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai (2017), and the NSF Science and Engineering Festival (2018).


Teaching, mentoring, managing

I'm an experienced leader of applied project teams. While at CMU, I managed teams of up to ten people (interns, research assistants, and technical staff) for over four years. This includes teams of CMU Master's students from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, the Language Technologies Institute, and the Entertainment Technology Center (2013).

I was the primary instructor of six university level independent study courses that focused on topics like Interdisciplinary Field Research and HCI for Classrooms. I've also TA'd for some of CMU's core Master's level UX classes, including Designing Interactive Systems and User-Centered Research and Evaluation.

Outside university walls, I've taught community programs that primarily served low-income youth, including Art & Technology, Video Game Design, and Circus Arts, and have served as a success mentor for LGBTQ and ADHD teens.

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Living an integrated life

​I also study circus arts! I started learning partner acrobatics in 2011, and I've performed with museums exhibits and community fundraising events.


Education background

During my time at CMU, I worked with Dr. Justine Cassell in the ArticuLab, and our work focused on designing educational technologies to support rapport-building and feelings of community. I also got buckets of advice from Dr. Amy Ogan, Dr. Sandra Calvert, and Dr. Marti Louw. I was awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and an IES Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Education Research.

Before that, I earned B.A.s in Computer Science and Psychology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Honors College . I worked with Dr. Tiffany Barnes in the Game2Learn lab. Our work focused on designing technology-based learning experiences to empower marginalized populations.  I also worked with Dr. Evan Suma Rosenberg in the Future Computing Lab on research to understand navigation and perception behaviors in virtual reality environments.

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